El Huracán

Yale Repertory Theatre

“Jennifer Paredes is brightly active as Alicia, and she brings the right note of earnest maturity to Val, the college student of 2019.” - New Haven Review, Donald Brown

“Jennifer Paredes pulls on our heartstrings: first as Valeria’s late sister Alicia, and then as Miranda’s daughter Val.” -, Lucy Gellman

“Valeria (the astonishing Adriana Sevahn Nichols) can exist in the Florida of 1992, and yet, due to her dementia, still have visions of her sister Alicia (the entrancing Jennifer Paredes) that come from a distant time period.” -, Zander Opper

“Alicia (Jennifer Paredes), seemingly swimming in a yellow bathing suit with turquoise polka dots, makes a touching appearance…Every one of the multi-cast actors is most adept and each is inviting and versatile.” - Talking Broadway, Fred Sokol

American Mariachi

Denver Center for Performing Arts / 
The Old Globe Theatre

"Paredes is excellent as the determined and unstoppable Lucha; she carries the emotional arc of the play with a wonderful energy and sense of compassion." - Broadway World, E.H. Reiter

"Paredes manages to evolve in front of our eyes, creating in daughter Lucha a stirring and strong character."  -The Denver Post, Joanne Ostrow

"...Paredes — who herself has been a one-woman whirlwind on San Diego stages of late — lends Lucha a winning feel of the irrepressible that helps carry things along." - San Diego Union Tribune, James Herbert

Waking la Llorona

Old Globe Theatre /
La Jolla Playhouse WoW Festival

"I found Dr. Moctezuma (Jennifer Paredes)...She turned her head, and in that moment I found myself being looked at. Considered. Studied. With that one glance I knew I had stepped out of the mundane world and into a charged space. Had I ever been scrutinized like this before? So much weight in such a simple thing: a look. But a look that bore right through me." - No Proscenium, Noah Nelson

Seven Spots on the Sun

InnerMission Prod.

"Jennifer Paredes gives performance of a lifetime as she moves from young bride to army wife...she moves effortlessly to the pleading mother of a feverish child to the helpless wife begging for her child’s life." - San Diego Theatre Critics Circle, Carol Davis

"Jennifer Paredes and Bernardo Mazón create fiery sparks and tension as Monica and Luis." - San Diego Union Tribune, Pam Kragen

"The cast seems to be profoundly connected to the material. The four outstanding central performances (the two couples) carve out emotionally complex characters and credible relationships." - Times of San Diego, Pat Launer

"Paredes also excels (she’s really getting good!) especially when she must make high risk emotional shifts in seconds." - San Diego Reader, Jeff Smith

"Paredes alternates (wondrously) between the almost motionless Ceci, who lies comatose on a mattress in the living room, and an animated, magical state in which Ceci talks and leaps about, recalling for family and audience what really happened the night of the accident." - Gay San Diego, Charlene Baldridge

"Special kudos to Jennifer Paredes, who quick-changes between the handicapped, virtually immobile Ceci and the vivacious young 15-year-old as if it were easy." - San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Jean Lowerson

"Jennifer Paredes deserves special mention for her mesmerizing duality, curled into herself for the paralyzed, brain-damaged exterior that pulses with a free, lyrical, sensual inner life." - San Diego Theatre Critics Circle, Pat Launer


Ion Theatre

"Paredes is adorably pert and spunky as the flouncily feminine Angelica, and aptly macha as her antithetical, caballero pants-wearing, take-no-prisoners sister, Luisa, a staunch lesbian who runs The First Feminista Book Club..." - Times of San Diego, Pat Launer

"Paredes is so good you can’t help but be charmed." - San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Jean Lowerison

"The excellent Jennifer Paredes lights it up as both daughters." - San Diego Union Tribune, James Herbert

"Jennifer Paredes plays both sisters and is a marvel in the fast change category as she changes from feminine gowns to buckskin pants and top." - San Diego Theatre Critics Circle, Carol Davis

"Dynamic Jennifer Paredes plays operatically emotional Angelica and her “progressive” sister Luisa, for whom even the 21st Century might not be up to speed" - San Diego Reader, Jeff Smith

Manifest Destinitis

San Diego Repertory Theatre

"Paredes injects a winning sense of lightness and hope, even as Savannah can’t help but behave badly." - San Diego Union Tribune, James Herbert

 "Paredes is spot-on in her portrayal of the spunky Savannah."- San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Jean Lowerison

"Ms. Paredes continues to impress: she’s unafraid to make Savannah an unattractive teenager who is disruptive while deluding herself that she’s being helpful and supportive." - San Diego Story, Bill Eadie

"Paredes as Savannah brings a lovely sense of hope." - Daily Actor, Erinmarie Reiter


Diversionary Theatre

"Paredes in particular turning in some tart scenes as the candid, hard-edged and ever-kinetic Avery." - San Diego Union Tribune, James Herbert

"Director Sam Woodhouse has assembled a fine cast for this thought-provoking, if sometimes maddening play, spearheaded by Paredes’ acidic and very today Avery." - San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Jean Lowerison

Rapture, Blister, Burn

San Diego Repertory Theatre


Into the Beautiful North

San Diego Repertory Theatre

" a fiery and funny Vampi, and plays a mean ukulele to boot." - San Diego Union Tribune, James Herbert

"Jennifer Paredes is a hoot as Latina goth Vampi..." - San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Jean Lowerison

"It would be near impossible to go wrong with Jennifer Paredes (one of SD’s most in-demand actors) as defiant Vampi." - San Diego Reader, Jeff Smith

Perfect Arrangement

Intrepid Theatre Co

"Paredes, who has had an eye-opening string of strong performances on stages around town of late, conveys a convincing sense of deep conflict as Norma, who can no longer handle her own hypocrisy." - San Diego Union Tribune, James Herbert